The Gear I use and Study Materials

I get asked a lot about the gear that I use, or what I would recommend for my students. Below are links to what I use, and below that are suggested links to drums that I would recommend to those who are starting out, with a limited budget.

I have also listed the books I have studied over the years and all of the graded books, 1-8, for ease of purchase.

My Studio Gear

Gear I Recommend

If you're on a budget, starting out, or just don't want to spend that much but would still like a kit, or cymbals that suit your needs, then I would suggest the following.

Book Studies

Here's a list of drum books that I've studied.

Drum Graded Books for Students

An easy compiled list of graded books for you to buy if you or you want your son/daughter to study them.

Drum Charts and Performance Pieces

If I'm not writing a drum chart out myself, then I head over to (usually) and get my charts from there. I've listed a couple of favourites that students normally choose or ask to do for their performances.